The tane known as Viveri, the Blackened Silk is the ruler of Nin-Rahma in the First World.

Campaign Role

Upon meeting Viveri, the Lady Gang made a living sacrifice to this strange demigod to return their fallen ally Smola to life. The fiendish magic responsible for this miracle left its mark on each of the party members in the form of a mysterious sigil.

Forgotten Lore: From Masters of the First

Few remember the name “Viveri,” for it was not so long ago that the so-called Reborn Tane was presumed dead by most inhabitants of the First World. Cast out by his brethren, his flame was extinguished and he was forced to walk in exile across the Forever Vale for 10,000 moons. Viveri would have been all but forgotten by time if it were not for a stray fire elemental who had wandered into the First World by chance and caught the Blackened Silk’s eye.

Viveri asked the fire elemental her name, but she had no name, for she was one of the Nameless of Flame—the lowest caste among her kind. When she told him this, the tane was surprised, and he grinned to the tiny creature.

The Blackened Silk offered to share his name with the fire elemental, citing that even the name of a Banished Tane was more honorable than that of a Nameless of Flame. The fire elemental agreed, and so she rekindled the Viveri’s flame like match to black powder. The Reborn Tane burst to life again, and he was able to throw off his shackles and escape the Forever Fale, back to his home on top of Nin-Rahma.

To this day, the tane refuse to consider Viveri one of their kind, though the Blackened Silk himself considers this an irrelevant point of interest.


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