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Welcome, Lady Gang!

If you’re looking to find the most recently edited pages for the Lady Gang’s adventures, you’ll probably want to look at the sidebar to the right. It’s got all sorts of useful information, including what wiki pages have most recently been updated.

The easiest way to find what you’re looking for, however, is likely by examining the Adventure Log section of the wiki, accessible via the “Adventure Log” tab above this text. Within each log, I’ve linked to any pertinent and available wiki pages, which in themselves might lead to other pages. If you’d like to see additional information on some aspect of this world, please leave a comment on the respective adventure log entry, and I’ll try to fill in any gaps as the wiki grows at a rate similar to the scope of the campaign.

Forgotten Lore

Magic is everywhere! If you’ve visited a place in Patrick’s Golarion homebrew, then there’s probably some information about it in this wiki, in a special section called “Forgotten Lore.” This is my fancy term for background information that your characters might not be aware of, but that can help flesh out the world and immerse you in the history of my version of Golarion.

While this campaign largely takes place in Golarion, much of it is from my own imagination. I’ve left information on canonical locations and characters to a minimum, since you can look those kinds of things up in the handy-dandy Pathfinder Wiki. Instead, this wiki concentrates on cataloging and organizing new and original locations, NPCs, items, and so forth.

On Citations & Legal Matters

This wiki is in no way affiliated with official Pathfinder material produced by Paizo Publishing, and instead uses their campaign setting as the basis for a wealth of new and imaginative canon restricted solely to the confines of this home game.

In addition, this wiki makes frequent use of images and other data files made publicly available on the internet, and sources are cited as hover-text for images and footnotes for other files.

Main Page

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