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  • From Nin-Rahma to Karpad

    h2. Entry Synopsis The party escapes the First World while making an accursed pact with the fiendish tane that rules Nin-Rahma. Upon arriving on the Material Plane, the party members find themselves in the city Karpad in Nidal. Strange goings-on-- …

  • Karpad

    The city of *Karpad* is a small logging/farming village located in central [[Nidal]]. It is ruled by [[:stepan_boroi|Baron Stepan Boroi]]. h1. Important NPCs * Baron Stepan Boroi * Priest Radu Miklos * Watch Captain Lucian Groy * Mayor of Shade …

  • Anya

    *Anya* is the husband of [[:stepan-boroi|Stepan Boroi]] and mother of their son Malek in [[Karpad]]. She is a noblewoman from the Nidalese city of Nisroch, and has undergone several scarification and self-mutilation rituals in her journey to appease her …

  • Baron Stepan Boroi

    *Baron Stepan Boroi* is the ruler of [[Karpad]] in [[Nidal]]. He married [[:Anya|Anya Boroi]] about 1 year ago and together they recently had a young boy named Malek.

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