Nixie of Gildelaia's Lake


Gildelaia was one of the two faithful leaders of a small nixie tribe in the First World. Together with her sister Renelda, the two nixies ruled their aquatic domain with benevolence and whimsy. That is, until Spring-Heeled Jack took hold of the nearby Riftwood and corrupted her sister and their nixie tribe, taking them hostage and turning them into corrupted bog nixies. Gildelaia’s lake turned into a pond without her nixie followers to help her sustain the waters, and she was utterly without hope when the Lady Gang stumbled upon her.

When the Lady Gang went to the Riftwood and successfully defeated Jack and freed Renelda, the nixie sisters were able to rejuvenate the waters of their tribal lands, and the pond flourished into a sprawling lake with the help of their magical nixie tears.


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