Noble woman from Nisroch


Anya is the husband of Stepan Boroi and mother of their son Malek in Karpad. She is a noblewoman from the Nidalese city of Nisroch, and has undergone several scarification and self-mutilation rituals in her journey to appease her sadistic god of pain and sacrifice, Zon-Kuthon. Most noticeable are the intricate scars that wind up her arms, as well as her missing pinky and ring finger on her right hand.

Campaign Role

Since she is the husband of the baron, Anya has unique insight into Stepan’s increasing paranoia and the strange goings-on about the town. The Lady Gang has so far been able to glean from Anya that her husband is no longer the man she married 1 year ago, and has changed considerably in the last few months.


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