Patrick's Golarion Homebrew

Nov 10, 2012

In Which the Party Explores the First World

During this session, the PCs changed their characters as follows:

The Lady Gang continued to explore the First World, where they had been trapped following a daring escape from the eerie Foxglove Manor. After rescuing Gildelaia’s nixie allies from a villainous fey named Spring-Heeled Jack during the previous session, they traveled to the only geographical feature that seemed to remain constant in the ever-shifting valleys and plains of the First World: the dread mountain Nin-Rahma, Realm of the Blackened Silk.

The frost proved too much for many of the PCs, who succumbed to some ill effects of the cold weather on their journey to the mountain’s peak. During their ascension, the Lady Gang encountered the ancient gnome city of Tesper. They encountered a gnome sorcerer and her tengu minions, who attacked them on sight after the PCs entered their ruined domain. Further puzzles and perils led them through the winding cliff side and to the other side of the barricaded path, where they battled several pugwampis and their dire boar companion.

Now, the adventures must continue their trek up Nin-Rahma if they hope to escape the First World and return to the Material Plane.



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