Patrick's Golarion Homebrew

From Nin-Rahma to Karpad
In Which the Party Escapes the First World and Explores Karpad

Entry Synopsis

The party escapes the First World while making an accursed pact with the fiendish tane that rules Nin-Rahma. Upon arriving on the Material Plane, the party members find themselves in the city Karpad in Nidal. Strange goings-on—including a mysterious plague known as tallowthroat, a paranoid baron, and an oddly large fetchling population—indicate that not all is at it seems in Karpad, and the adventurers are intent on discovering what’s going on behind the scenes here.

Full Entry

The Lady Gang finished exploring the crumbling gnome city of Tesper by opening the door to a long-abandoned sculptor’s workshop and defeating the ice golem guarding the treasures in there. The harrowing battle seemed mostly under control until the self-destructing golem was slain near the party’s unconscious witch, Smola, who perished when the construct exploded in a flurry of ice shards next to her. Once they had acquired the valuable gnome figurines and golembane scarab from the room, the disheartened party continued their journey up Nin-Rahma, hauling the body of their fallen comrade with them.

Before reaching the summit, the party encountered a friendly yeti monk, but they could not breach the language barrier to formally introduce themselves to one another. The yeti seemed to indicate that it too was traveling to the peak of the mountain, and the party decided to up their odds of survival by adopting this lost sage as their temporary comrade.

Their newly forged alliance came to a screeching halt, however, when the Lady Gang and the yeti monk reached the top of Nin-Rahma only to encounter the tane master of that realm, Viveri, the Blackened Silk. A wispy, roiling mass of smoke and cloud, Viveri greeted the adventurers in the shadowy form of a dragon. When the yeti traveling with them prostrated himself in respect, the remaining two members of the Lady Gang followed suit and dropped to their knees in reverence of this massive demigod.

Viveri, satisfied with the party’s show of respect, offered the Lady Gang a bargain. If they agreed to serve as his unquestioning servants for all of eternity, he would return their fallen ally to life. Alternatively, they could sacrifice their newly acquired yeti companion to the tane, and he would infuse the monstrous humanoid’s soul with Smola’s to bring her back to life. Both Groola and Kira agreed to the latter deal by signing a blood contract, and through windswept icy tears, the sobbing yeti was absorbed into the life force of the Blackened Silk. When Smola awoke, she found upon her left breast a fiendish sigil indicating her evil taint. So too were Groola and Kira touched by this foul mark, and before the party could further intrude upon Viveri’s domain, they were transported across the multiverse and back to the Material Plane.

The PCs found themselves in an unfamiliar region upon arriving back on Golarion. The hill to which they had been teleported overlooked an elaborate but crumbling manor, as well as a small riverside village. They eventually learned from the townsfolk that this was the village of Karpad in Nidal.

During their exploration of the town, the party managed to prevent the unlawful hanging of three fetchling villagers from the diseased captain of the guard, Lucian Groy. Sergei, the oldest of the fetchlings so rescued, thanked them profusely, and offered them stay at the inn across the river, in Shade Row. He also asked if the Lady Gang could check up on his cousin, Content Not Found: gavrin, the only fetchling still working at Boroi Manor. Meanwhile, Captain Lucian continued to bellow about his stolen child, Olya, who he claims was last seen just outside his home in the backyard.

Upon visiting Boroi Manor, the party was greeted by the estate’s majordomo, and they were escorted to visit both Gavrin and the lady of the house, Anya. The Lady Gang learned that Gavrin was having an extramarital affair with a recently disappeared woman in the town by the name of Irini; he claimed that he was not the last one to see her before she went missing, since he was forced to flee her company because her friend Content Not Found: catalina interrupted them in the midst of their engagement.

From Anya, the party learned that Content Not Found: stepan_boroi is not the same man that she married about a year ago. Around the same time that their first child Malik was born, Stepan began acting very funny. This was verified when the party went to visit Stepan himself, who mostly babbled incoherent paranoiac theories of shadow people, a plague upon his village, and some dark force that intends to kill him and his family. The plague he is referring to is likely tallowthroat, the effects of which the party already had already witnessed in their dealings with Captain Lucian Groy, though whether the baron was speaking of this illness or some sickness of the mind remained unclear.

The baron’s rantings of little use to the party, the Lady Gang took to the streets once again. They questioned the town’s resident priest, Content Not Found: radu-miklos, as well as the gravekeeper, Fustra, and learned that the baron’s late brothers (who both died during the same year of mysterious circumstances) were not buried in the Boroi family crypt as the priest had thought, their places in the coffins taken instead by rocks. Miklos stated that the funerary rites had been performed at Boroi Manor before the bodies were interred, so he didn’t bother checking the status of the bodies before ordering them be buried.

The Lady Gang continued to treat with the people of Karpad for some time before witnessing a terrifying event in the middle of the streets. The PCs were forced to play witness as a local woman suffering from tallowthroat cried for help mere seconds before her neck burst open and otherworldly shadow monsters poured out of it. Finding themselves ill-equipped for the fight, the Lady Gang was forced to flee the shadows no doubtlessly roaming the town.

Nov 10, 2012
In Which the Party Explores the First World

During this session, the PCs changed their characters as follows:

The Lady Gang continued to explore the First World, where they had been trapped following a daring escape from the eerie Foxglove Manor. After rescuing Gildelaia’s nixie allies from a villainous fey named Spring-Heeled Jack during the previous session, they traveled to the only geographical feature that seemed to remain constant in the ever-shifting valleys and plains of the First World: the dread mountain Nin-Rahma, Realm of the Blackened Silk.

The frost proved too much for many of the PCs, who succumbed to some ill effects of the cold weather on their journey to the mountain’s peak. During their ascension, the Lady Gang encountered the ancient gnome city of Tesper. They encountered a gnome sorcerer and her tengu minions, who attacked them on sight after the PCs entered their ruined domain. Further puzzles and perils led them through the winding cliff side and to the other side of the barricaded path, where they battled several pugwampis and their dire boar companion.

Now, the adventures must continue their trek up Nin-Rahma if they hope to escape the First World and return to the Material Plane.


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